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[Hudson's Shoppe + Trading Post]


About the Shopkeeper:
Name: Carla

Facts: I play electric bass. I write lyrics and I'm getting into screenwriting. I love music. I collect Kawaii stationery. I use both a Mac and a PC. I love ice skating and playing ice hockey. I love watching Scrubs. Conan O'Brien is awesome. And many other things I may add later. :)

About the Shop:
Why?: This shop was started as a way to sell or trade things that I just didn't need anymore. It is a way for these things to find a new home and a new owner who will get better use out of these things. It's also a way for me to raise money for things I need.

What?: These are all things I have bought but didn't end up using or needing. Things range from band merchandise to accessories to clothing to stationery to miscellaneous items.

Where?: Items are shipped from San Jose, CA, which is where I live. All the things in the shop have a little section in my room where they are safe. All items come a smoke- and pet-free environment.


I'd like to raise awareness of the following communities, which I think are just great or have great potential.

_dollar_store_ - This is a community I help moderate, but has been lacking activity lately. I think it would be great to have a dollar store online instead of having to go through individuals' selling journals all the time. If you'd like to join, please go ahead. Just make sure to read the rules before posting anything. :)

listwriting - I joined this community a month or two ago. It seems to not have much activity besides my posts. I know a lot of people out there love making lists of just about anything. If you like making list, I encourage you to join and share your listwriting madness.

kawaiibuysell - This community is to promote buying, selling, and trading of kawaii goods such as stationery, stickers, and other miscellaneous items. If we raise awareness of this community and make it more of a key kawaii community, perhaps spamming would be reduced in other kawaii communities.